Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Cash2Go combines proprietary financial technology and key integrations to provide a unique and flexible solution

Card2Go® Card

Card2Go® App

Flexia® Platform


A Single Card

Separate Accounts | Separate Systems | Separate Modalities

Linked by Cash2Go



The Card2Go® Mobile App

Home Screen

See your balances and loyalty points and move funds

Balance Transfer

Instant availability of your funds in any account

Promotions / Coupons

Receive special promotions and coupons and exclusive events


Recharge your mobile phone, pay bills, send/receive money

Transaction Detail

See all of your transactions

Profile Management

Manage your account, block your account, change your PIN/ Password

Proprietary Flexia® Platform

Cash2Go’s Flexia Platform bridges Card2Go’s open and closed loop account platforms and manages the functionality of the Card2Go program. It is designed to be the hub of multiple open loop and closed loop accounts, and to interface with multiple third party transaction services, all of which is customized to the market, product and card program.

  • Cardholder & casino user interfaces
  • Card issuance & account creation
  • Funds Transfers/ Balance adjustments
  • Fee engine
  • Transaction history
  • Mobile banking application
  • Card program feature management
  • Flexia Dashboard user management
  • Promotions/notification initiation
  • Program reporting/data
  • Customer servcie portal
  • Daily funds reconciliation/settlement

Customized Solutions

Flexia is designed to act as the hub for flexible customized solutions for gaming operators and other closed loop ecosystems, and to integrate with third-party services, such as acquiring platforms for merchant processing and kiosk/ATM networks.