Case Studies

Case Study – Win Systems Integration (Mexico)

Card2Go is integrated with and an innovative feature of the latest release of Win Systems’ CMS, which enables a casino to easily perform all required Know-Your-Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, and tax compliance procedures before issuing a Card2Go card using data collected by the casino and stored in the CMS. The hundreds of casinos in Mexico using the Win Systems Wigos platform can easily convert their existing gaming cardholders to Card2Go® cardholders at the casino, in minutes.
Dashboard of the Card2Go Platform

Case Study – Casino2Go® Solution for TITO Casinos

Casinos currently using tickets (TITO) can use Cash2Go’s Casino2Go® Solution to offer Card2Go® cards as an alternative to tickets and as the casino’s loyalty program. Customers can use either tickets or Card2Go® cards and transfer ticket balances into their Card2Go® gaming account balance.

The Casino2Go Solution provides:

  • Card Issuing Portal
  • Card Balance Management/Interface
  • Ticket to Card Transfers
  • Reporting Module
  • Integration with Casino CMS
  • Integration to Casino Loyalty Program
CMS uses Card2Go Gaming Balance obtained from Card2Go

Case Study – InstaPlayTM Solution
for Instantly Migrating Casino Customers to Online Platforms

Casinos can seamlessly migrate their existing customer base to the casino’s online gaming platform, avoiding a second registration process. Cash2Go’s Flexia Dashboard sends a promotional message to the Card2Go® App to announce the online solution. InstaPlayTM integrates with the online registration platform to populate the players online account with data from his Card2Go® profile, and automatically links the casino and online accounts.
One-Click Data Migration and Account Linking