About us

Cash2Go® Inc is an international fintech and specialty payments company delivering a multi-account digital wallet solution to millions of customers by leveraging strategic relationships with large captive populations of closed loop account holders.

Cash2Go® is at the Center of Several Powerful Dynamics

Digital Wallets/Bank Replacements

Cash2Go® is squarely placed in the global shift from traditional banking to digital wallets

Under-Banked/Cash-Consumer Focus

Cash2Go® is well positioned to address the financial services industry efforts to reach the under-banked or cash-based consumers

Gaming Shift to Electronic Payments

Cash2Go® is on the leading edge of the global shift in the gaming industry to electronic payments

Latam FinTech Law Changes

Cash2Go® has a significant presence in Latin America, where changes in banking and FinTech laws open significant opportunities

Solves for Problems Faced by Most Card Programs


Awareness of the Product

Customers see Card2Go signs, videos, brochures in the casino. Cashiers and promotional staff inform and educate.

Frictionless Access to the Product

Customers visit the casino locations on a weekly basis and look to the casino for multiple aspects of entertainment.

Trust of the Brand

Customers routinely exchange money with casino cashiers and share their personal data and allow tax withholdings.

Ease of Registration

Card2Go is issued at the casino, in minutes, by the cashier – swipe gaming card, swipe Card2Go card, activate, hand to customer.

No Barrier to Adoption

Converting to Card2Go is free to the customer and generally requires no additional information to be provided.

Attractive Benefits Motivating Adoption

Card2Go provides many in-casino and out-of-casino benefits – VIP status, special promotions, merchant discounts, etc.


Zero cost to customer

Card2Go does not charge an activation or monthly fee and only earns revenue based on services provided to the customer.

Ongoing Benefits to Motivate Use

Card2Go enables casinos and Card2Go to deliver coupons, promotions, access to events, and other new and exciting benefits on an ongoing basis, and provides security for casinos and customers by eliminating cash.

Multiple Use Cases to Hedge Against Churn

The addition of multiple accounts – online gaming, transit, etc., plus additional services – bill payment, etc. will keep Card2Go in constant use.

Easy Communication with Customers

The Card2Go mobile app and promotional tool provides Card2Go with in-app communication beyond notices, texts and email.

Status / Community Participation

Inside the casino, Card2Go represents an upscale product. Outside of the casino, Card2Go’s member benefits create a sense of belonging.

Our Team

Craig Libson

CEO, Co-Founder

20 years of prepaid experience, building and launching several innovative businesses (CEO at MVNO Xtreme Mobile). Developed and marketed with Visa and MC, as a preferred solution, turnkey P2P and B2C payments platforms utilizing Visa and MC networks (SVP at Planet Payment). Prior career as a corporate attorney and business consultant.

Scott Walker

President, Co-Founder

20 years of gaming, legal, finance, and casino management experience (managed casino property for Deutsche Bank). Specializing in the design, introduction and deployment of new gaming industry products / technologies, including as CEO of Nevada’s first licensed online gaming company (VirtGame). Prior career as an attorney and investment banker.

Omar Hernandez

Chief Technology Officer

Founder, CTO, & Chairman of Punto Clave ®, the first company in Mexico to offer a cloud-based platform for the POS and payments ecosystem. Punto Clave disrupted transactional services in México by connecting C-stores and major chains (e.g.,7-11) to the financial system in an innovative, economic and efficient way. Punto Clave was acquired by Edenred, a French based company and global player in transactional solutions.

Kurt Bermond

SVP, Strategic Initiatives

20+ years of transaction experience as an investment banker, private equity investor, start-up executive and consultant. Executed over 30 capital raising, M&A, and advisory engagements with an aggregate transaction value of over $3 billion. 15 years focused on the specialty finance / FinTech industry (Oberon Securities, Bryant Park Capital).

Samia Bounaira

VP, International Business Development

Experienced payments industry and mobile commerce executive in Latin America (Planet Payment). Extensive card industry experience in Mexico/Latin America (Comverse). Consultant for many innovative mobile–based initiatives throughout Latin America (Excelacom)